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Profi Power Amplifier 2600W

Offering of Activities

Bulk PCB assembling on the automatic line Yamaha (etc.)   

The Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are assembled by the SMD components (Surface Mount Device) by means of the Automatic Surface-Mount Technology - SMT on the fully automated assembling line. Our assembling line is flexible, it is suitable for assembling of the big and middle series of PCB, but thanks to this flexibility we are also capable to meet the demands of our clients on the production of samples and small series.

Bulk PCB assembling on the automatic line MYDATA

Assembling of Printed Circuit Boards – manual THT inclusive components

The production in air-conditioned spaces, fulfilling the ESD Standards. Lead and leadless soldering, manual as well automated by wave.

Cable assembly

We produce according to client´s demands.

Assembling of products

We realize the complete assemblage of the assembled PCB in a final product, according to the  client´s demand inclusive chip programming, activation, adjustment, functional tests of the whole product, running-up, check out, packaging and transportation to the customer.

Development and construction on order

- Development of the electronic instruments and systems, working-out of drawing documentations and instructions.

- Manufacture of mechanical parts for final assemblage inclusive boxes, visual panels, prints, labels and packaging (in  


- Products "on key" delivered under client´s trade mark (OEM)

- Designs of printed circuits and provisions for their production.

- Delivered data processing (Gerber data)

- Development and production of prototypes, functional models and samples.


Offer of Final Products

Accessories for buses

Sounding sets, amplifiers, microphones, alarms, clocks, information panels and other.

Power amplifiers

   Series D – Professional amplifier of series D are determined for application in high power sounding PA systems.

   Digital amplifiers – for sounding of sacred spaces.

   Series ESA – Power amplifiers of the series ESA are determined for sounding of the medium-sized spaces (clubs,  

   discotheques) and for music ensembles.

Multimedia player

Multimedia touch player alias also Visuality Multimedia is LCD with an embedded computer, designed for audiovisual presentation of products and services during exhibitions, trade fairs and in public places (shop centres, bus and railway stations, airports and so on).

Details about the products you can find here    or by means of inquiry form jan.jansky@elmet.cz .


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