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 Metall Division

Offering of Activities

Custom Metal Processing, Precise Metal Sheet Processing on CNC machines.

On the basis of delivered drawing documentation we shall produce special cabinets, cubicles, boxes, caddies, covers, instrument boards, racks and other parts from metal sheets on CNC machines.
Laser burning and cutting out on the devices TRUMPF Trumatic L 2530, Amada LC 1212 Alpha, TRUMPF Trumatic TC 6000L - 2x, TB 5000 ...

When cut on CNC by laser beam, the great accuracy and flexibility of forms of produced parts. We usually cut stainless steel sheet, common steel sheet and aluminium sheet, all in the middle size – 2500 x 1250mm and till the thickness of 6mm by the laser. Only the steel sheet we are able to cut till the maximum thickness of 15mm, but we don´t keep it by default.  Also we dispose of the combined machines, which enable CNC laser cutting and at the same time also cutting out of defined shapes and holes by means of special tools.

Metal sheet forming - CNC bending and folding

CNC bending and folding on the devices TRUMPF TrumaBend V500, TRUMPF TruBend V5050, TB7036, AMADA HFE 80-25, 

Machinery deburring - automatic

on the machine Fladder AUT 1000 VAC

Cutting operations

CNC turning and milling in the centre MIYANO BND-51SY2 and on further devices

COLCHESTER, Tornado A50, Habeger... 

Spot-welding - TIG-MIG – Thermocompression welding of bolts

Elements pressing

On the CNC hydraulic press machines Haeger H824OT... 


Oil press machines 2t, eccentric, 5t, 40t, 60t

Offering of Final Products

Universal boxes RACK 19

Apparatus universal box PUK. As to the dimensions the box is consistent with the international 19" system (rack).


RACK 19 drawings


RACK 19 pricelist


Metalworking Technology



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