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C-gas 02 is a laboratory regulator of the gas weight flow. It is used for an exact gas dosing in laboratory plants.

·    30ml/min.     (air)

·    200ml/min.   (air)

·    1000ml/min. (air)

By using of other gas than the air these maximum ranges are different (for instance 7 times greater for helium) The working device range is possible to adjust by means of controlling menu in the values from 5 to 100 % of the maximum range. It is possible to adjust the requested flow capacity in the values from 2 to 98 % of the working range.

The flow display is effectuated on LCD display in the form SETUP VALUE/MEASURED VALUE. The both values are given in % of the working range. Eventual sensor nonlinearity is not compensated.

The device handling is realized my means of keys on the device panel. There is even a possibility of remote control from PC through the RS 232 line by means of the C-GAS02 Programme, which is a part of the delivery. Through the interconnection of more devices and assignment of the particular addresses it is possible to control up to 10 devices at a time.

The device is supplied from the outer power source (adapter 230V AC/15V DC)

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