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About the Company ELMET


    The company ELMET spol. s r.o. Přelouč was grounded in 1991 from a team of developers and design engineers in electronics branch. Its scope follows the longstanding heritage in the field of electrical industry, represented by the former enterprise TESLA Přelouč. Now the company is family business under one owner only.





As to the production and development the company is orientated on special piece orders, eventually till middle-sized series production according to client´s demand. The company is engaged in four fundamental spheres, which are electro-production, metal processing and units for ecological heating, health and laboratory technic.  

     In the field of Production of Electrical Devices the company has own production program, which is presently defined by the production of amplifiers for mobile use, including the production of accessories for complete sounding of buses, further the production of power amplifiers of the brand-name ELSOUND ®, voltage supplies, display information panels, multimedia technic - professional LCD units Visuality Multimedia of the brand-name ELVISION ®.
Furthermore we offer a custom placement of PCB on automatic placement line MYDATA (30.000 chips/hour) inclusive further electronic operations - OEM assembling.
The field of custom assemblings, on delivered documentation, we secure on key according to the client´s demands. The orders are secured from the samples till the series production.
In the field of Metal Processing the company is targeted the custom production of precision mechanics and metal sheet processing on CNC moulding machines – laser cutting, pressing, bending, metal cutting, as well as welding, varnishing, production of turned parts for buses and production of boxes for electronics.

In the field of "Zdravý dům" – Ecological heating the company mainly offers its own products of the brand-name ELAIR ®, which are the recuperation units, ventilating devices and heat pumps. The company is also capable of designing and producing other devices according to the client´s specification.
The field of production of health and laboratory technic of the brand-name ELMEDIC
® is represented by the products, which are high frequency jet pulmonary ventilators PARAVENT and devices C-GAS for measurement of gas mass flow. In addition to this field the company offers development and custom production of devices as per the client´s demand.
We offer and secure the production on our own modernly equipped production units (electronic assembling - 2.500 m2, metal processing - 3.200 m2; storage ground - 1600 m2)

In 2010 the historical Divis´s villa was bought, then under the supervision of the care of historical documents its reconstruction was initiated, which was terminated at own costs in 2011. In the frame of its premises the company children centre Elmik was opened – i.e. the company kindergarten. The owners became the donators of regular art exhibitions, given in this villa. The Divis´s villa is at the same time the administrative seat of the company Elmet.


Precise metal sheets processing (inclusive stainless steel and aluminium) on CNC machines Trumpf, Amada, Haeger, Flader  inclusive consequential welding operations TIG-MIG, thermocompression welding, surface finishing methods, printmaking and other.  

ELMET, spol. s r.o., Nádražní 889, 53501 Přelouč, Česká republika

VAT No.: CZ 42936349 



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E-mail: elmet@elmet.cz

E-mail: obchod@elmet.cz 



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Metal Division

Healthy home

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Heat pumps, recuperation, active radiators, heating systems

Paravent- ventilation breathing apparatuses

Hemoron - Proktology treatment set

DogLeg - golf caddy  






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