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Metall Division

Electro  Division

Health Technic

Laboratory Technic

" Healthy house"


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ELMET, spol. s r.o.

Nádražní 889, 535 01 Přelouč

Česká republika

IČ.:    42936349

DIČ.: CZ 42936349

  Metall Division

   - Customer Processing on Key  

   - Precision Mechanics


  Electro Division

   - Customer Processing on Key  

   - Specialized Audiotechnics

   - Automotive Industry Components


  Health Technic 

   - Pulmonary Ventilators

   - Rescue sets

   - Proctology Products

   - Digital dermatoscopy products


  Laboratory Technic

   - Flowmeters


  "Healthy house"

    - Air Condition Equipments

    - Heat pumps

    - Low- temperature Radiators

Metall Division


Electro Division

Heat recovery, heat pumps..

H.O. , Art Gallery, Elmik



Cultural Monument

Pulmonary ventilation 

Painless treatment of hemorrhoids 


Intensive rescue care, PACUnits, surgery, proctology..



GPS: 50°2'24.117"N, 15°34'16.396"E

Phone.: +420 466 736 611

Fax: +420 466 953 355

E-mail: elmet@elmet.cz


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