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ELMET, spol. s r. o. company in Přelouč was established in 1991 from a team of developers and designers of electronics. Our specialization is linked to TESLA Přelouč Company and local electrical engineering tradition. We are a family business. Production and development focus on custom-made orders, or series production according to customer’s requirements – including a number of products, sets and components for major companies manufacturing medical equipment. Main lines of business are electronics, metal production, environmental-friendly heating, medical and laboratory devices, and electronic golf trolley Dog Leg.

Thanks to its technologies and capacities ELMET, spol. s r. o. company in Přelouč is able to satisfy the needs of other manufactures. This applies to metal parts, mounting and completion of electronic sets – THT and SMT. We can start production on the bases of technical documentations and specifications or we can help with develop and design. Long tradition in the industry, modern technologies, automatic SMT lines, our experience and know-how and

 ISO certify production (9001; 13485) guarantee that.




Metall Division

Electro Division

"Healthy house"

Health Technic

- Customer Processing on Key  

- Precision Mechanics

- Customer Processing on Key  

- Specialized Audiotechnics

- Automotive Industry Components

- Air Condition Equipments

- Heat pumps

- Low- temperature Radiators

- Pulmonary Ventilators

- Rescue sets

- Proctology Products

- Digital dermatoscopy products


ELMET, spol. s r.o., Nádražní 889, 53501 Přelouč, Česká republika

VAT No.: CZ 42936349 



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E-mail: elmet@elmet.cz

E-mail: obchod@elmet.cz 



Electro Division

Metal Division

Healthy home

Medical equipment

Laboratory equipment





Heat pumps, recuperation, active radiators, heating systems

Paravent- ventilation breathing apparatuses

Hemoron - Proktology treatment set

DogLeg - golf caddy   






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